THE HERBAL BRAIN offers MEMORY-ENHANCING TEA in two convenient options: Boxed teabags or bulk loose tea. 

Boxed tea contains 20 hand-filled teabags of our MEMORY-ENHANCING TEA, stacked in a decorative turquoise and red octagon box. 

Bulk tea is 2 cups of our MEMORY-ENHANCING TEA packed loose, which provides 90 teaspoons of tea.  Bulk tea comes shipped in a resealable natural brown cellophane-lined bag with an oval view window showing the beautiful tea inside.

THE HERBAL BRAIN offers MEMORY-ENHANCING AROMATHERAPY in a variety of forms, from roll-on oils to room sprays, convenient pocket inhalers to smelling salts.

We hope you find our products to your liking.  You are welcome to make on-line purchases here on the website.  You will also  find us at regional festivals, lectures,  and conferences.  Please let us know how you use our products and what you think of them.  We love hearing from our customers!