THE HERBAL BRAIN is dedicated to providing the highest quality organic herbal teas, specially formulated to enhance elements of memory and cognitive function.   Many of us have noticed deficits and changes in our memories, and understand that our lives, business, and personal relationships can benefit from improved attention, alertness, mental focus and better thought organization.  Herbs are nature’s pharmaceuticals!  Nature provides botanicals that target these areas of cognition, and drinking these herbs in the form of tea is highly beneficial.  We at THE HERBAL BRAIN recommend drinking 1 to 2 cups of memory-enhancing tea daily.  This tea blend is “tonic” meaning it is intended for long-term use.  Our tea blend can be safely consumed over long periods of time, such as lifetimes.

In just 3 short weeks you should be able to notice improvements in your memory, and you will want to continue to drink one cup daily as the benefits are cumulative! Most of our clients make notes as to improvements in their memories, helping them define changes and milestones in memory recovery and brain health.  Dr. Emory Prescott’s research studies from 2015-2017 have demonstrated the amazing benefits of drinking memory tea on a daily basis., with an average 17 percent improvement in those with mild cognitive impairment and an average 9 percent improvement in normal aging adults, and an unprecedented 22% improvement overall!  Improvements were noted in areas of focus & attention, short-term memory, language & word recall, and visuospatial awareness.  Average improvement occurred in more than half of the areas of cognition.  All participants, even the oldest, improved in at least one cognitive area by drinking the tea.


  • hand boxed – 20 individual tea bags per box
  • bulk – loose tea blend – 2 cups by volume (90 servings/teaspoons)

To brew a beneficial cup of medicinal tea:

Bring fresh water to a boil.  Use one teabag or one teaspoon per 6-8 ounces of water.  If using loose herbs, measure 1 teaspoon and place into tea ball or strainer, allowing room for the tea to expand.  Place tea ball or tea bag into mug or mason jar, pour boiling water over, cover and allow to infuse overnight.  If desired, sweeten with local honey, sugar or stevia to taste.