THE HERBAL BRAIN supplies a vital therapeutic blend of essential oils specifically suited for improved memory and cognitive function, including increased alertness, focus and attention abilities.  THE HERBAL BRAIN uses only certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and organically grown botanicals.

THE HERBAL BRAIN memory-enhancing blend of aromatherapy works by entering the body through the olfactory system – located just behind the nose near the lower frontal lobe of the brain.  Various aspects of brain function – called “cognition” – can be enhanced in a holistic manner by either ingesting, inhaling or topically applying these amazing beneficial oils. The cumulative effect of this blend can include improved memory, attention, focus, recall and thought processing.

Our products are clean and simple, good for your brain, good for the environment, non-toxic and non-addictive.  Products use may be combined or overlapped.


Our memory-enhancing aromatherapy blend can be purchased in various forms to suit your needs:


  • MEMORY-ENHANCING POCKET INHALER:  Portable, so it’s easy to keep handy.  To use – place in or near each nostril and inhale deeply to wake up your brain.  Non-toxic, non-addictive.  Use as often as desired.                          Inhaler is same size as a typical lip balm tube

  • MEMORY-ENHANCING ROLL-ON:  Apply anywhere on the body such as neck, shoulders, wrists, cuticles, knees or bottoms of feet.  Avoid eye area.  Recap tightly.  Use as often as desired.  May be used as a signature perfume.           10 ml


  • MEMORY-ENHANCING ROOM & BODY SPRAY:  This aromatic mist spray comes in a beautiful cobalt blue glass bottle and can be used just about anywhere, including on your face and skin!  Healthy therapeutic essential oils are blended in a water/witch hazel base which allows our room and body spray to be used on linens, clothing, face, body, hair, carpets, pillows, car, in the air – just about anywhere.  Safe for most surfaces. Spot test sensitive fabrics; avoid prolonged exposure to wood or leather products.  To use – just shake and spritz where needed.  May use as often as needed.                                                                                                                            4 ounce  

  • MEMORY-ENHANCING SALTS:  Shake the container and open the lid to inhale a fresh burst of memory potent aromas.  Our HERBAL BRAIN salts are beautifully presented with combined ingredients of Himalayan salts, Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts, essential oils and herbs.  Multiple uses!!  Great for baths or foot soaks, use 1 tsp mixed with carrier oil for exfoliating body scrub, or simply breathe in deeply as needed or place in a beautiful bowl and use in home or office as you would potpourri.  Resealable and reusable – lasts for months.  Use as often as desired.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    4 ounce