MEMORY SPICE BLEND – shake it up!



Our amazing brain-enhancing herbs can also be used as a flavor-enhancing seasoning, baked, sautéed or blended in while cooking or eating your favorite foods.  Our culinary blend omits Periwinkle and adds fragrant Basil, making for a delightful blend of 8 herbs.  Memory Spice Blend contains Rosemary “Rosmarinus officinalis”, Sage “Salvia officinalis”, Basil “Ocimum basilicum”, Ginkgo “Ginkgo biloba”, Green Tea “Camellia sinensis”,Gotu Kola “Centella asiatica”, Peppermint “Mentha x piperita” and Lemon Balm “Melissa officinalis.” Enjoy on nearly any food, including spaghetti, meatloaf, seafood, chicken, eggs, breads, salads or any favorite foods.  Jar is round, clear glass, just over 4 inches tall, with shaker top and black plastic lid.

4 ounces

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Weight4 oz