MEMORY HAND SANITIZER – useful in the fight against germs and also good for your brain


THE HERBAL BRAIN hand sanitizer

Our hand sanitizer is not only beneficial in the fight against surface contaminants, it’s also good for your brain.  Many of our herbs are also naturally immune-supportive, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-fungal.  Apply a small amount to palms and rub briskly until absorbed.  Once your hands are dry, cup your hands near your face and inhale deeply for the nootropic benefits.

Contains essential oils of Rosemary “Rosmarinus officinalis”, Sage “Salvia officinalis”, Lemon “Citrus x limon” and Peppermint “Mentha x piperita”.  Also contains a tincture made with herb infused alcohol including Brahmi “Bacopa monneiri”, Green Tea “Camellia sinensis”, Ginkgo “Ginkgo biloba”, Gotu Kola “Centella asiatica”, Lemon Balm “Melissa officinalis”, Peppermint Mentha x piperita”, Periwinkle “Vinca minor”, Rosemary “Rosmarinus officinalis”, Wood Betony “Stachys officinalis” and Sage “Salvia officinalis”. 

Comes in a convenient 2 ounce PET plastic cobalt-blue bottle with black snap-top lid  –  perfect for purse, car or backpack.